What Is The Best Way of Travelling Around Greece?

One of the best things about living and working in Greece is being able to really travel around and discover new places, it is fairly easy to move around too especially in the major cities.

Transport across the country tends to be organised well, although in some places you may find transport is harder to access than others.

You’ll find in a lot of towns in Greece you will actually be able to travel by foot, however when this is not possible there are a good choice of transport links ready to help you on your way.


Hiring a car is the best way to ensure you’ll get from A to B, it’s also a pretty good way of making sure you can get to remote areas you may otherwise not be able to reach. For many areas in Greece, it is essential to visit their best spots and famous landmarks.

You can find car hire agencies located in Greece’s most popular locations as well as on some of the islands too. Travelling by car can be a nice way to take in the landscapes as you move around.

The main roads are usually in good condition, however in some more remote places or islands for example you should drive with caution as roads can suddenly become very narrow and winding.


If you’ve decided to reside on one of the many gorgeous islands Greece has to offer, you will probably want to hop around and take in the sights of different islands. Ferries make this process a breeze as they offer great links to nearby islands.

You will find that most of the ferries in Greece are modern and offer an efficient and convenient way to travel between locations.

Ferry services run frequently between the months of June through to September, however the rest of the time they run to a very limited schedule and only a handful of routes will remain in operation.


The easiest way to travel between the mainland and islands is of course by plane, there are many regular flights that go out from regional airports making it a convenient way to travel between cities.

There is also a good domestic network which makes flying an easy way to navigate between the islands and mainland locations.


Most areas in Greece have a well-connected bus service, especially the larger cities which allow you to travel around with ease. They usual run to a pretty regular timetable too making it easy to plan out your trip.

As for longer journeys, coaches link the bigger cities with other mainland areas as well as the islands. For example, a coach journey between Athens and Thessaloniki will set you back around 8 hours.

These cities have large bus stations which offer a variety of links by KTEL coach to other cities and islands such as Crete or Zakynthos, it may take a little longer but is significantly cheaper than flying and gives you the opportunity to take in some amazing scenery on the way.


Trains mainly offer a connection between Athens and Thessaloniki, however routes also cover northern and central Greece.

Travelling by train is often considered much cheaper than going by bus, although the travelling by rail isn’t always the best option as they are quite slow and time consuming.

If you are thinking of moving to Athens, they also have a good underground metro system which makes it easy to move around the city, Thessaloniki is also in the process of building an underground metro system also however is not yet completed.


Taxis are an easy way to navigate around an area and are easy to find as they are located pretty much everywhere. You can easily find taxis located outside ports, airports, train stations and most popular areas.

It is a good option if you are wanting to travel short distances and they tend to be priced quite reasonably too, many find them to be much cheaper in comparison to other European countries.

Taxi drivers are often very friendly and helpful and can offer information on the best sights to see and places to go while you are visiting.

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