7 Essential Apps and Websites for Digital Nomads in Greece

We collected and brought to you the most useful and popular Greek websites and applications. These will help you settle down fast, plan your trips or just understand and get into the culture. Some of them though exist only in Greek – unless you speak Greek hopefully Google or Facebook translate will help you out.


Let’s start with the one that you will probably find most useful. is where we buy tickets or just find information about ferries, several events, theaters, cinemas, concerts or sport matches. Especially for the ferries it’s a great resource even just for looking into the timetables of the several routes as planning trips with ferries in Greece sometimes might be tricky and there are not many aggregated services like that one. Keep in mind though – there are more ferry companies and routes that you won’t find here.


In the same vein as Viva, this is one of the strongest 100% Greek startups with innovative tools for the users. Especially useful will be the “Island Hopping” feature, which is great for all those summer escapes to the Greek islands.

That’s the Greek Amazon. It’s a marketplace widely accepted in Greece and dominating the online market here. You can find anything you are looking for, reviews, price comparison and delivery estimation.

Beat Taxi

Wondering what’s the Greek “Uber”? That’s the one. Use it in Athens or Thessaloniki, it’s the best way to call a taxi. Keep in mind, this is a service for the regular taxis so do not be surprised when a regular taxi will come to pick you up. You can expect though a good driver behaviour, fair payment through the app by card (or cash if you prefer) and everything else that the known taxi applications offer.

Other than Beat Taxi you can also book a taxi using the Uber application. That would be again for the regular taxis though as there are no Uber drivers in Greece.

E-Food and Wolt

Food or Groceries delivery in Athens. Both applications are very good and competing each other. Daily offers and many choices for Greek or International dishes.

OASA Telematics

This is the official app for transport in Athens. Much better than Google Maps as it includes routes and also real-time information for buses, trolley, tram and subway. Not super user-friendly but useful and with precise information.

Kasetophono is one of the most famous Greek websites for music streaming. It looks like an online radio and you will find a wide variety of Greek and foreign songs for any mood, weather, or emotion. It’s great for learning some popular Greek songs of all different genres.


Live24 is a complete Greek radio streaming website with radio stations from Athens, Thessaloniki and all other Greek cities.

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